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vkusno & tochka, The new renamed McDonald’s in Russia looks to be a blazing start: The chain’s CEO told Reuters that it sold 120,000 burgers in a single day, a record.

“We have never seen such daily turnover in the whole time McDonald’s has functioned in Russia,” Oleg Paroev told Reuters in an exclusive interview published on Tuesday. Parov was the previous CEO of McDonald’s Russia.

“The humanitarian catastrophe produced by the war in Ukraine and the volatile operational climate” prompted McDonald’s to leave Russia in May after 32 years of service. However, the Russian location of the American fast-food franchise reopened on June 12 under the moniker “Vkusno & tochka,” which translates to “tasty, and that’s it.” Local licensee and businessman Alexander Govor purchased the location. Fifteen renamed businesses opened on June 12 in and around Moscow, while another 35 did so the following day, according to Reuters’ estimates.

Vkusno & Tochka

This month, Vkusno & tochka opened in Russia, and photos from the event show people crammed inside the eateries.

Insider Mary Meisenzahl revealed on June 15 that only signage, logos, and uniforms had changed in the relaunched restaurants. Most of the products on the new menu are still manufactured from materials and equipment that the US fast-food restaurant utilized. However, there are no Big Macs or McFlurrys to be had.

According to Paroev, Vkusno & tochka intends to establish 1,000 outlets across Russia in the next four to five years – an increase from 850 under the McDonald’s name. In addition, according to the news agency, he wants to expand Vkusno & tochka to other cities. Still, he says that finding ingredients and new suppliers would be difficult because “a major part” of the items are imported.

As a result of the sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of its invasion of Ukraine, everything from auto components to toilet paper and new Hollywood blockbusters is in short supply.

‘Tasty and that’s it’ or ‘Delicious, full stop‘ or ‘Tasty – period’ or ‘Tasty and dot’

Russian fast food franchise Vkusno I tochka is headquartered predominantly in former McDonald’s restaurants, with a menu mostly made up of rebranded McDonald’s goods. When Russia invaded Ukraine, McDonald’s Russian locations were forced to close. Vkusno I tochka restaurants now occupy several former McDonald’s locations that business magnate and entrepreneur Alexander Govor purchased.

To ease public outrage over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, McDonald’s announced on March 8, 2022, that it would temporarily suspend operations in Russia while continuing to pay its workers there.
Oleg Paroev, the former CEO of McDonald’s Russia, took over and kept the locations operating until the middle of March 2022.

The corporation decided on May 16, 2022, to quit Russia entirely. However, a local licensee named Alexander Govor was reportedly purchased by McDonald’s in Russia on May 27, 2022. According to patent documents, this company may be dubbed “Fun and Tasty,” “The Same One,” or something else in Russia. The McDonald’s logo was quickly changed with the company’s emblem shortly after the news was released. As a result, Vkusno I tochka (Russian for “Tasteful and that’s it”) was unveiled as the chain’s new moniker.

For the first time since 2022, the brand reopened 15 Moscow outlets on June 12.

The next day, fifty different eateries in Moscow and the surrounding area were reopened.


The firm’s General Director said that owing to supply chain and packaging logistical challenges; the restaurants won’t initially stock all of the menu items they had anticipated. However, there are no significant differences in the materials or equipment used to make McDonald’s food, according to the company’s quality manager, Alexander Merkulov.

“Vkusno I tochka” serves localized Big Macs and McFlurries, much like the original McDonald’s. On the other hand, salads are absent from the menu in favor of fried shrimp.

McDonald’s products that these new offerings have replaced as of June 2022:

  • Sandwiches such as the ham & cheese and the double cheeseburger
  • -The Double Grand with the Quarter Pounder with Cheese on a Bun
  • This is the – Grand Deluxe version (Quarter Pounder with Cheese Deluxe)
  • Fisherman Burger (Filet o’Fish) and Double Fisherman Burger.
  • Chipotle Premier and Chipotle Burger (McChicken and Seriously Chicken)
  • A fresh roll, a bacon-wrapped Caesar, and a cheese-wrapped Caesar
  • -Potato wedges and fries are included.
  • shrimp, chicken fingers, mozzarella dippers, chicken nuggets, and chicken strips
  • Coffee, tea, and juice with Coca-Cola Zero as the primary flavoring
  • -Pancakes for breakfast, omelet, and cherry pie.
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In Russia, McDonald’s has relaunched a new name: Vkusno & tochka.

On March 14, McDonald’s stopped all 850 of its Russian outlets.

Oleg Paroev, the company’s general director, informed reporters that McDonald’s in Russia will henceforth be known as Vkusno & tochka, which translates to “Tasty and that’s it.”

Vkusno & tochka is the new name for our band, he stated.

McD’s restaurants in Russia were halted on March 14, just after the start of a military campaign in Ukraine. As of May 16, the firm had a 7% share of Russia’s catering sector and was sold to a Russian businessman named Alexander Govor through the intervention of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

All staff will keep their jobs, but the business will operate under a new brand and menu names that reflect the new identity. No prefixes such as “Mc-” or “Mac-” will appear in the new menu’s dish titles, but the revised menu’s content will not change. Pushkinskaya Square’s flagship location, the modernized fast food business, will open its doors on June 12.

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