The Celtics and Bucks will both show their championship pedigree when they match up.

The Celtics and Bucks will both show their championship pedigree when they match up.

A clutch defensive play and a few winning shots contributed to Milwaukee recovering from a double-digitdouble-digit deficit in the fourth quarter to win the series 3-2.

BOSTON -What’s happened?

Really, what occurred?

On Wednesday, the Bucks defeated their opponents, the Celtics, 110-0, taking a 3-2 lead on the road in this series.

How did this take place?

“We beat ourselves up,” added Boston Guard Marcus Smart.

Coach Ime Udoka “We recognize that we allowed winning this evening.”

The forward Jaylen Brown, “We gave the money away.”

In the wild and unpredictable NBA playoffs–the Grizzlies defeated the Warriors by several points? It could be the most memorable of them all. Ten minutes left, Boston up 14 and the game was done. It wasn’t because the Celtics were playing well. Not at all. Jayson Tatum scored 34 points … however, he required 29 shots to achieve the points. Brown had 26. Al Horford, the hero of Game 4, had eight. Daniel Theis, dusted off once more with Robert Williams sidelined, was the only Celtics sub who scored double figures.

Milwaukee was not able to hold an event. It’s not like they should be. They didn’t have the firepower. It’s not like they appeared to. How often have we been reminded of how the Boston defence was outstanding? There’s no way the Bucks would be able to come back against it. With Khris Middleton out for the past few games, the final three games in this sequence have featured the (Giannis) Antetokounmpo-led show. The player scored 42 in the Game 3 victory. He scored 34 points in the game four loss. In Game 5, the Bucks tried to shift it around. Jrue Holiday had nine points. Grayson Allen had five. Bobby Portis chipped in four off the bench.

However, when the Celtic’s defence slowed down, Giannis took over. Giannis scored 15 points during the 2nd quarter. The remaining Bucks scored four points. He scored 13 more during the 3rd. When he was moving, Antetokounmpo was unstoppable. He overpowered smaller defenders. He stepped up to bigger players. He scored 11 rebounds. He made it to the free-throw line 10 times, and he made it with nearly 60% on his attempts.

However, he was not helped. After three quarters, there was only one another Bucks participant, Holiday, who had cracked double figures. Holiday scored 16 points. However, he required 16 shots to achieve it. Wesley Matthews contributed nothing. Brook Lopez was a non-factor. Boston had defeated Milwaukee at the end of the fourth quarter of the two previous games and was able to use one of the league’s best. Number one defence to finish the game.

But they did not. The Pat Connaughton three with eight minutes remaining cut the lead to a single digit. Two Bobby Portis free throws made the score six. Then, in under a minute of play, Holiday made a three-pointer that tied the game. The Bucks had a two-point deficit after Antetokounmpo made his way to the free throw at 14 seconds. He hit the first. He didn’t make the second, but Portis returned to the lineup after playing just 15 minutes of Game 4, snatched down the rebound, and then flipped back into the game.

Boston could still have a shot. When he came out of a timeout, Smart broke off the baseline. He placed a short runner in the middle. Then Holiday, perhaps the best perimeter defender of the NBA, not called Smart, was on the scene to block. “That’s the way Jrue is doing,” says Antetokounmpo. The two Connaughton free throws extended the advantage to 3. In the final second, a Holiday steal by Smart put the game out of reach.

“Credit Milwaukee,” Brown stated. “They have a great time for up to 48 minutes. Unfortunately, we strayed from the things we excel at late. We weren’t as ruthless in the end, and that cost us.”

Championship DNA is a phrase that is used in sports loosely. Too loosely. The Bucks have just displayed the issue. They could have collapsed during the 4th quarter. They were incredibly outgunned. Middleton’s absence caused Antetokounmpo to eat a regular diet of isolations and forced Holiday into a second-scorer position that he’s not comfortable with. Losing in Boston in a noisy arena that splits the eardrums would be a valid excuse.

They didn’t give up. The Bucks lost nine points in the final 8 minutes. Antetokounmpo struggling with his three-point shooting throughout the game sank an impressive shot. Mathews did, too. Portis had four free throws during the final 8 minutes of his game. Even though the offence is struggling, The Bucks will never give up on each other.

“We’re always punctual,” said Antetokounmpo. “We always do our best to give everything we’ve got … Most of the time, we take the right path. Sometimes, things don’t work out as we would like. I think everybody has faith in each other that we’re going to play the right way. That we will play the extra pass. We will remain there no regardless of what happens. With this team, no matter what happens, we will go to our homes and be content with our accomplishments. When we watch films, there is never a message of “you have to put in greater effort’, or ‘you have to protect this guy better. The effort of us, from this group almost always, is always present.”

The series will shift back to Milwaukee on Friday. Game 6 figures to be equally as close. These are two elite defences. It’s the Pistons of the Bad Boy against. In the middle of the ’90s, Knicks. Pernell Whitaker against. Floyd Mayweather. It’s the Steel Curtain vs. The Monsters of the Midway. Eve, the very poise between the two teams, has turned into an unofficial street fight. In the fourth quarter, Giannis was hit with a bullet towards the side of his eye, which drew blood.

However, the Bucks have brought their Celtics to the edge. Boston has shown tremendous determination this season and has adapt



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