Taylor Swift Dropping Re-Release Single–Could “1989” or ‘Speak Now’ be next?

Taylor Swift announced on Thursday that she would release the new version of “This Love (Taylor’s Version)” that was removed from her album 1989 at midnight. She’ll also continue her campaign to record her first six albums amid a dispute over who owns the master recordings. This has led many fans to question what the singer might be dropping 1989 (Taylor’s Version) or Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) soon.

As part of the announcement was made through Instagram, her store, the collections of merchandise on her store came out to coincide with two albums: 1989, which was initially launched in the year 2014 and contained the hits tracks “Blank Space” and “Style,” and Speak Now an album released in 2010 with “Mine” along with “Back To December.”

Swift is well-known for her obscure hints in video posts on her social networks and music and other pieces of work regarding her forthcoming projects. For months, her loyal followers have been convinced that either the song Speak now or 1989 will be her next album re-release.

KEY Background

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In 2019, Big Machine Records sold the master recordings of Swift’s first six albums to her music director Scooter Bran. Swift stated that she wasn’t allowed to buy the master recordings and was given a chance to talk to Braun upon signing an extensive non-disclosure contract. Braun was famous for his work in identifying and directing Justin Bieber and previously said that he attempted to meet Swift to negotiate an agreement. Swift stated that she would record her first six albums in the following year. In the year 2020, Braun sold Swift’s masters to Shamrock Capital. The first Re-release of the 2008’s Fearless (Taylor’s Version) came out in April 2021, Then Red (from 2012) red (Taylor’s version) in November. Alongside “Speak Now” along with 1989, Swift intends to revisit the 2006 single Taylor Swift and 2017’s Reputation. Swift is also releasing a new single recorded in 1989, “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version),” in September.


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The redistribution of Red (Taylor’s version) earned Swift 32, numerous records and the most streamed female artist on Spotify within a day, and the most streamed album of the same day by an artist of female origin. In the album, Swift released a 10-minute version of the track all Too Well, which beat out American Pie to become the longest track ever recorded and was subsequently ranked the No. one on the Billboard Hot 100. This release of the way and a short film that features Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brian brought back decades-old rumors about Swift’s romantic relationship and the actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who the breakup song is believed to be about.



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