Social media users mock Amber Heard

Social media users mock Amber Heard, Several people on social media have mocked Amber Heard for showing up to the defamation verdict in the same ‘funeral attire’ she wore during the 2020 UK court case and when she initially sought the restraining order against Johnny Depp in 2016

Eagle-eyed Heard’s ‘failed effort at poetic justice’ was mocked on Twitter.
Last year, when she filed for a restraining order against Depp in Los Angeles, she wore the same dress. In 2020, she will wear the same clothing to appear in court in the UK.
Somber attire was accused of being part of a “PR stunt.”

When social media users saw Amber Heard in her notorious ‘funeral dress,’ they mocked her for her ill-fated effort at poetic justice in the Depp vs. Heard trial.

Social media users mock Amber Heard

As far back as 2016, when Heard went to court in Los Angeles to seek a restraining order against Johnny Depp,
she wore the same black dress to court in London for the defamation action between Depp and The Sun in 2020.

Heard herself tweeted photos of her dress from both events on social media in March 2021.

which many people took to be a snarky jab at her ex-husband after the Pirates of the Caribbean star failed in his attempt to appeal the court’s verdict in favor of The Sun.
This occurred after the actor lost his quest to appeal the court’s verdict in favor of The Sun.

I wore the same dress four years ago and four years ago. But, in her essay, the 36-year-old asserted that “it is sometimes essential to wear the same item again.”

As she left the courthouse to discover she had been forced to pay her ex-husband $8.35 million damages,
Twitter users slammed Heard for wearing the same dismal outfit she wore to court the day before.

The same outfit can be worn three times if necessary.

Heard’s poorly-aged post from a year ago was mocked by a user who referred to it as “the day you destroyed his life, agreed to lie in the court of law, and lost.”

Social media users mock Amber Heard

“This deceitful show pony planned to utilize the verdict as a PR stunt when she put on her “Amish dress” for the third time,” another person said. But, unfortunately, her reputation can’t be fixed even with all the PR in the world.’

They said the actress was staging a new picture shoot for attention; on the other, they said it was her third effort and mocked her, asking why her dark luck hadn’t worked this time.

On Thursday, Social media users mock Amber Heard.

Star Johnny Depp won his libel case against his ex-wife and fellow actor, Amber Heard, concluding a high-profile trial that has drawn worldwide attention.

Depp’s three defamation claims against Heard were valid by a jury in Virginia’s Fairfax County yesterday, and the jury found that she falsely and deliberately accused him of domestic abuse.

An attorney for Heard told TMZ her client might appeal the jury’s decision yesterday,

alleging that the flood had persuaded the panel of pro-Depp remarks posted on social media in recent weeks.

Amber heard AQUAMAN 2

On Thursday’s episode of The Today Show, Heard’s lawyer Elaine Charlson Bredehoft said that the actress intends to appeal and has “strong reasons.”

Jurors were influenced by public opinion and social media, despite stringent court instructions not to read anything about the case outside of court, the counsel argued.

They could not have avoided being influenced in any manner. It was awful. According to Bredhoft, public opinion against Heard in the case was “ridiculously lopsided.”

According to the witnesses, this case was like a Roman Coliseum in how people regarded it.

“Demonize Amber and bury the facts,” Depp’s legal team, according to Bredhoft, was their goal.

Depp’s defamation claim against The Sun, which he lost, had an “enormous quantity of material hidden,” referring to Depp’s defamation suit against the newspaper.

Social media users mock Amber Heard

Social media users mock Amber Heard
Social media users mock Amber Heard

“Amber won, Mr. Depp lost” in the UK when it came in.

‘That’s because she was vilified here,’ Bredhoft said when asked whether the verdict suggested that the jury didn’t believe Heard.’

‘There were many things that should not have been permitted,’ she added. ‘The jury became confused as a result of this.

Even while the trial’s impact on Depp and Heard’s separate careers in the entertainment business has yet to be seen,

legal and entertainment experts say the actors’ reputations have been harmed due to their involvement.

The former industry lawyer and current writer for the newsletter Puck,

Matthew Belloni, believes that it will be some time before a big studio considers both actors “safe” enough to bet on.

Before Heard’s defamatory op-ed was published in 2018,

Social media users mock Amber Heard
Social media users mock Amber Heard

Social media users mock Amber Heard

Depp, a three-time best actor Oscar candidate and best known for his depiction of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, was a bankable celebrity.

Nevertheless, he has acted in several lesser films, few of which have been regarded as economic successes in recent years,

There is just one high-profile part in Heard’s acting career, and she is slated to feature in Aquaman 2 despite petitions to remove her from the movie receiving millions of signatures.

According to Mark Borkowski,

in Hollywood, there is no turning back for Heard, a British public relations guru. What if you’re producing a movie and thinking of casting her?

As of the night, a petition calling for her removal from Aquaman 2 has garnered over four million signatures.
Marketing and public relations for the film will be harmed due to the trial.

‘Classic murder-suicide,’ according to Eric Rose, a crisis management and communications expert in Los Angeles.

No one wins when it comes to reputation management… It’s suddenly more difficult for studios to hire either actor because you’re possibly offending a considerable portion of your audience.’

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