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How well do you know the filmography of actor Brad Pitt? We no longer need to introduce this popular actor who has starred in many American cinema successes since the 90s. We, therefore, invite you to play a special cinema quiz on actor Brad Pitt. The questions relate to the greatest roles played by the actor from Oklahoma, namely the films Ocean’s Eleven, Fight Club, Mr & Mrs. Smith, Once upon a time… in Hollywood, Bullet Train, and many others.

This quiz is also an opportunity to come back to some details of Brad Pitt’s private life as well as his notable appearances in cult television series. Good cinema quiz to all.

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    Which film is Brad Pitt’s biggest hit in France?

    • Ocean’s Eleven
    • Se7en
    • Inglorious Basterds
    • Sept ans au Tibet
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    In which film does Brad Pitt co-star with Tom Cruise?

    Entretien avec un vampire
    • Fight Club
    • Entretien avec un vampire
    • Snatch
    • Troie
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    Who was actor Brad Pitt’s first wife?

    • Jennifer Aniston
    • Angelina Jolie
    • Gwyneth Paltrow
    • Vanessa Paradis
    • Vanessa Paradis
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    Brad Pitt was banned from entering China for 17 years following the movie “Seven Years in Tibet”. True or false ?

    Seven Years in Tibet
    • Yes
    • No
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    What movie set did Brad Pitt meet Angelina Jolie on?

    Mr & Mrs Smith
    • Troie
    • Mr & Mrs Smith
    • Ocean’s Thirteen
    • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
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    In which film directed by Robert Redford, did Brad Pitt have the main role in 1992?

    A River Runs Through It
    • The Horse Whisperer
    • Ordinary People
    • A River Runs Through It
    • Out of Africa
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    What is the name of Brad Pitt in the movie Bullet Train released in 2022?

    Bullet Train
    • lemon
    • Wolf
    • Ladybug
    • Prince
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    Which film with Brad Pitt received the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival?

    The Tree of Life
    • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    • The Tree of Life
    • Fight Club
    • Meet Joe Black
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    What movie with Brad Pitt is this image taken from?

    • The Mexican
    • Meet Joe Black
    • Spy Game
    • The Big Short
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    Which character is played by Brad Pitt in the movie Troy?

    • Achilles
    • Ulysse
    • Agamemnon
    • Ajax the great
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    In which of these films does Brad Pitt play a supporting role?

    • Austin Powers
    • Men in Black II
    • Thelma and Louise
    • Usual Suspects
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    What movie with Brad Pitt is this image taken from?

    War Machine
    • Babel
    • Burn after reading
    • 12 Monkeys
    • War Machine
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    What is the role of Brad Pitt in the movie “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” compared to Leonardo DiCaprio?

    • His agent
    • Stunt Double
    • His sports coach
    • His brother
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    What is the role of Brad Pitt in the TV series Friends?

    • A former friend of ROSS and MONICA
    • Rachel’s ex
    • Joey’s childhood best friend
    • Phoebe’s neighbor
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    In which iconic TV series did Brad Pitt have one of his first roles in 1987?

    • Dallas
    • The Young and the Restless
    • All Risk Agency
    • Saved by The Bell
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    Who is known to be one of Brad Pitt’s best friends?

    Quiz Brad Pitt
    • Leonardo DiCaprio
    • Johnny Depp
    • Georges Clooney
    • Tom Cruise

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