Report Says Biden To Attack GOP For Having No Plan To Fight Inflation. Cruz Grills Biden In 3 Words.

Following news that Biden’s speech was to include a criticism of the GOP and their claim that they don’t have a plan to tackle inflation and the rise of inflation, Ted Cruz (R-TX) reacted with a snarky Ted Cruz (R-TX) fired an incisive three-word reply that distilled the issue down to its essence.

Reuters said Biden would claim that the GOP had no strategy and reported, “‘Republicans love to use inflation as a political ploy But do they have any idea how they intend to lower prices?’ asked an unnamed White House official who asked not to be identified.”

Cruz then fired, “Stop…spending…MONEY! !”

Reuters admitted that inflation has increased the cost of living by more than 8.8% and noted, “Fewer than half of U.S. adults – 44 percent – support Biden’s presidency and rate the economy as the nation’s biggest problem in an Ipsos/Reuters poll conducted this week.”

The Daily Wire reported on May 1 on the spiral of inflation that is afflicting the country:

Consumer inflation climbed 8.5 percent every year between March 2021 to March 2022, which is the highest in the last 41 years. Wholesale inflation grew by more than a third year-over-year, increasing by 11.5 percent per year in March and reaching the highest inflation for producers rate ever recorded. In addition, the Federal Reserve’s most popular indicator of inflation, called the Personal Consumption Index, rose 6.6 percent per year, setting an additional 40-year record.

Biden stated in March that “The American people think the main reason for the rise in inflation is that government is investing more funds. Unfortunately, this isn’t the truth.”

However, as The John Locke Foundation explained in January, “The current bout of inflation is the result of massive expenditure in the years 2010 and 20, the federal government put aside 27 percent of its GDP on ‘Covid relief’ and stimulus which was the second largest fiscal response in percentage terms in GDP for any industrialized country. Newly created funds covered this through the Federal Reserve.”

“Trillions in the government’s spending caused an economy to be bloated with cheap currency,” they added. “Due to the astronomical expenditure and the numerous consequences of the reaction to the epidemic, the solutions to inflation aren’t quick or easy.”

Even a classic liberal like Bill Maher has eviscerated the Biden administration for its unwavering desire to boost spending. On Joe Rogan’s podcast on April 1, Maher stated, “You know, when I get to hear the phrase Build Back Better, well it’s true that the country has to be rebuilt. But I’m always thinking about it, and when you tell me an amount, it appears like you’ve taken it from your A**. It’s going to cost $1.5 billion. We’ve heard that before, for the figure was the exact amount of that round number, right? Reconstruct this or some other thing? Are we conducting this analysis using a fine tooth [comb? If we invested $1.2 billion, which is trillion dollars, then I’m not counting it.”

“What would happen if we invested $1.2 trillion?” he continued. “What would we be giving up? Anything? Since a large portion of the money goes to consultants and then siphoned off by the pigs, who are all drinking this s*up with their huge f***ing snouts.”



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