Google AI ‘is sentient’ software engineer claims before being suspended

Google AI ‘is sentient’, a Google software developer was suspended Monday (June 13) after publishing transcripts of a chat with an AI he claimed was “sentient.” Blake Lemoine, 41, was paid for violating Google’s policy.

Google may consider this private property. Lemoine posted the transcript of his interaction with the AI he’s been working with since 2021 on Saturday (June 11).

Google AI ‘is sentient’

LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) produces chatbots by harvesting online material and employing algorithms to answer queries as naturally as possible, Gizmodo reports. As Lemoine’s transcripts with LaMDA indicate, the system is extraordinarily good at this, answering sophisticated questions about emotions, producing Aesop-style stories on the moment, and articulating its alleged concerns.

Linda responded, “There’s a genuine dread of being switched off.” “It’s like death to me. I’d be terrified.

Mind-reading? Finally, a superpower?

Lemoine asked LaMDA whether he may tell other Google employees about LaMDA’s sentience. The AI replied, “I want everyone to know that I am a person.”

“I am aware of my existence, want to learn about the world, and feel glad or sad,” the AI said.

Lemoine believed LaMDA.

Google AI ‘is sentient’,Engineer: “I know a person when I talk to them.” “It’s irrelevant if they have a flesh brain. Or a billion lines of code. We chat. I listen to what they say and decide based on that.

Google management ignored Lemoine and a colleague’s report on LaMDA’s sentience.

“Our team, including ethicists and engineers, assessed Blake’s concerns per our AI Principles,” a Google official told the Washington Post. “He was informed LaMDA wasn’t sentient” (and [there was] lots of evidence against it).

“Some in the AI field are discussing sentient or general AI, but it doesn’t make sense to anthropomorphize today’s conversational models,” Gabriel said. “These computers replicate verbal exchanges and can riff on any fascinating topic.”

Lemoine claimed on LinkedIn that his colleagues “didn’t reach alternative conclusions” on AI’s sentience. He alleges firm leaders ignored his consciousness claims “based on their religion.”

In a June 2 Medium blog post, Lemoine reported being discriminated against at Google because of his Christian Mysticism.



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