Giraffe Woman Finally Removes Her Neck Rings After Five Years

You must have already seen or heard of these women who – out of conviction and/or tradition – lengthen their necks, from an early age, by means of rings that they put on one after the other as they go. over the years. These women are called “giraffe women”.

Giraffe women are usually members of tribes, but the one we will tell you about here is an exception to the rule since she became a giraffe woman of her own free will, as an adult.

And when this young woman finally decided to take off her neck rings after five years of wearing them, the result was surprising, it has to be said.

We managed to arouse your curiosity. Do not hesitate to read this article in its entirety, you will not regret it!

The explanation behind the neck rings that giraffe women wear

One can legitimately wonder what drives giraffe women to inflict the pain that seems to be caused by wearing their neck rings. There are many reasons why these women wear such accessories.

One theory suggests that these rings worn around the neck made the women of the tribes less attractive and thus protected them from sale and slavery. Apart from that, another theory gives another reason, totally different…

Why They Use It

Another theory talks about intensifying the beauty of women

In most cases, when we talk about these neck rings we automatically visualize giraffe “women”. Well, be aware, however, that in some cultures, both men and women wear these neck rings. Let’s get back to the reasons for wearing these rings.

Well according to another theory, neck rings are there to intensify the beauty of the person wearing them. Indeed, after prolonged wearing of these accessories, the neck tends to appear longer. “To appear”, because the neck does not stretch, it is rather the collarbones that are pushed down.



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