China’s Huawei and ZTE won’t be able to use Canada’s 5G networks.

China’s Huawei and ZTE,Canada says that it will not let two of China’s most prominent companies make telecom equipment work on its 5G phone networks.

On Thursday, the country’s industry minister said that Huawei and ZTE would have to follow the rules.

Francois-Philippe Champagne says that the move will improve Canada’s mobile internet services and “protect the safety and security of Canadians.”

But Huawei Canada said the decision was “political” and “disappointed” by it.

China’s Huawei and ZTE

A statement said, “This is a bad political decision that has nothing to do with cyber security or any of the technologies at issue.”

Several countries, like the UK, the US, Australia, and New Zealand, have already put limits on the companies.

Together with Canada, they are part of an intelligence-sharing group called “Five Eyes.” During the Cold War, it was used to keep an eye on the Soviet Union and share secret information.

People were ready for Canada’s announcement because its allies had already stopped Huawei and ZTE from using their high-speed networks.

Mr. Champagne told reporters in Ottawa, Canada, that the decision was made after “a full review by our security agencies and consultation with our closest allies.”

“Let me be very clear: We will always protect the safety and security of Canadians, and we will do whatever is necessary to protect our communications infrastructure,” he said.

China’s Huawei and ZTE

“This is the right choice in a 5G world, when we depend on our network more and more in our daily lives.”

In Ottawa, the Chinese embassy sent a representative to the news agency Reuters to say that Beijing sees Canada’s security concerns as a “cover for political manipulation.”

The China spokesman also said that Canada was working with the US to hurt Chinese businesses.

The Chinese embassy in Ottawa didn’t answer the BBC’s request for comment right away.

Huawei Canada said that the government and security agencies had “closely looked” at its equipment and caused “zero security incidents.”

“If Huawei’s equipment and services are banned, it will hurt Canada’s economy and make it more expensive for Canadians to talk to each other,” said a statement.

“Unfortunately, as a business, we can’t change this decision. But we will do everything we can to protect the legal rights and interests of our customers, partners, and ourselves.”

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ZTE, on the other hand, said it didn’t agree with the Canadian government’s “premise,” calling it “highly speculative.”

The company said, “We have always followed international standards and best practices. We opened our cyber security labs so that regulators and other interested parties could check the security of ZTE products.”

5G, which stands for “fifth generation,” is the next step up for mobile internet networks. It allows users to download and upload data much faster.

It also lets more devices connect to the internet at the same time.

It comes when the number of people streaming music and videos is on the rise. This makes governments and companies that run mobile phone networks work to improve their communication systems.

Because of the decision made by the Canadian government, telecom companies in the country will no longer be able to use equipment made by Huawei or ZTE.

Mr. Champagne said that companies that have already put equipment made in China must now take it out.

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In September 2018, Canada said it would look into Huawei’s equipment.

The US and other Western governments have been worried about national security and have gone after some of China’s largest tech and telecom companies in recent years.

In November, US President Joe Biden signed a law that says security-threat companies can’t get new licenses to sell telecoms equipment in the country.

It means that Huawei, ZTE, and three other Chinese companies can’t use their equipment in US telecoms networks.



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