Australia legalizes euthanasia, In a historic vote

Australia legalized euthanasia (Alamy) In a historic vote. After New South Wales became the latest state to approve legislation on the subject, euthanasia is now lawful in all Australian states.The New South Wales upper house passed the bill today (May 19) after a lengthy debate, with 23 votes in favor and 15 votes against legalized euthanasia.

Members debated around 100 late amendments to the voluntary assisted dying law until midnight on Wednesday, then resumed the debate on Thursday morning before voting.

The bill was introduced into the lower house last year by Alex Greenwich, an Independent MP for Sydney. A recent study performed by Go Gentle Australia and cited by 7News found that three-quarters of the state’s citizens favor terminally ill people having access to all legal medical treatment options in their own homes.

“I would want to thank the premier and leader of the opposition for enabling a free conscience vote on this,” Greenwich said today in the lower chamber. On both sides, this has brought people together to have a robust and challenging dialogue.”

In a historic vote, Australia legalizes euthanasia.
In a historic vote, Australia legalizes euthanasia.

He went on to say, “Today, NSW crosses a threshold of honesty and compassion.” “Honesty in the fact that not everyone dies well, and compassion in the fact that people in NSW with severe terminal illnesses have the same end-of-life options as people in other states.”

The measure has several backers, including Premier Dominic Perrottet, Labor leader Chris Minns, and Employee Relations Minister Damien Tudehope.

Australia legalizes euthanasia

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“Some would say this is a glorious moment for NSW,” Tudehope said, adding that the measure “betrayed” those suffering from terminal illnesses. Unfortunately, I’m leaving here today with the impression that this is a bad day for our state.”

According to Penny Hackett, president of Dying with Dignity NSW, the legislation change is a “moment for individuals in NSW.”

As a result of the decision, all Australian states now support lawful voluntary assisted dying for those diagnosed with a terminal illness who are in the latter stages of their condition and cannot be relieved of their suffering through palliative care.

The patient must be an Australian citizen over 18 who is likely to die from a disease within six months or a year if diagnosed with a neurological disease or condition.

The person must be in excruciating pain that cannot be alleviated, and they must be able to make their own decisions without the influence of others. Two medical professionals must also evaluate eligibility.

Now that the bill has cleared the upper chamber, it will go into force in 18 months.



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