After a 39-point win, Memphis Grizzlies are ready to take on the Golden State Warriors

Memphis: Just moments after the Grizzlies beat the Golden State Warriors to keep their season alive, Ja Mount started a chant that gained steam among his fellow teammates.

After Memphis beat Golden State, 134-95 in Game 5 on Wednesday night, the injured Morant chanted “Grizz in seven” to get the Western Conference semifinals back in San Francisco. The Warriors had a series lead of 3-2.

Many of his teammates heard Morant’s message as they cheered him on. As Memphis forward Brandon Clarke was conducting a postgame interview, Morant grabbed his microphone and shouted: “Grizz in seven!”

The Grizzlies dominated the Warriors even without their star point guard, sidelined with a bone bruise in his right leg. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Memphis led by as many as 55 points and their 39-point victory tied for third in NBA postseason history when they faced elimination.

The Grizzlies are optimistic that they have new life and can win again in Memphis.

Forward Dillon Brooks stated, “I would say that we are energized.” “We are locked in, and all eyes are on Game 6. Keep fighting for survival.

In just 13 minutes, the Grizzlies blew away a one-point lead and turned it into a 77-50 advantage at halftime. Memphis scored 25 points on 14 Golden State turnovers and had 36 points in a half.

“It was terrible,” stated Warriors guard Klay Thomson. He suffered the second-largest defeat in a game where he, Stephen Curry, and Draymond Green played together.

It wasn’t very comfortable. They had great flow and were much more aggressive than we were from the beginning tip. … Everyone thought we would win tonight. But basketball isn’t always a science. We played like shells.

With 40 seconds remaining in the quarter, the Grizzlies opened third with a stunning 42-14 run. Their lead grew to 119-64. Golden State was made worse because Otto Porter Jr. had right knee soreness and was out of the second half.

Curry was asked what went wrong with the Warriors, and he replied, “Everything.”

Green stated, “Down 55, down five, lost 55, lost 55, lost five — we lost.” “It’s just one game in the series loss column. It’s not worth too much.

This was just another example of the Grizzlies rallying with their floor general. Memphis went 21-6 in this season’s absence of Morant.

When asked by guard Desmond Bane about the Grizzlies’ belief that they can win this series, he stated: “We feel like our doubts have not been necessary, but we have exceeded our expectations.” It almost seems that whenever someone thinks they can’t do it, they accomplish it. This team can do anything. I don’t want to limit it. ‘Cause, anything’s possible.”

Taylor Jenkins, Grizzlies coach, was asked by the players whether Morant would be available for Game 6. Morant’s injury has made it unlikely that he will be able to return in the postseason.

Jenkins stated, “As of right now,” he was “pretty doubtful.”

One thing is certain: Warriors must respond on home court.

Thompson stated that it doesn’t feel as good to lose as much as we did. It’s a loss in a day. It’s best to get rid of it, and then you can reaffirm who you are.

“And we’re going give it our all on Friday. “I like our chances.”

ESPN’s Kendra Andrews contributed to this report.



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